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Community Mayan Fire Ceremony in Santa Ynez, CA

Community Mayan Fire Ceremony

Sunday, November 18th (4 Tijax) 
10 am - 4 pm

Aj Xic Jay Ceremonial Arbor
Santa Ynez, CA (near Santa Barbara, CA) 

Join us in a collective prayer in the Mayan tradition of creating a Stargate Fire to give gratitude, request healing, and make offerings for our Mother Earth at this ceremonial fireplace in Southern California (Santa Ynez). This is the day in the Mayan Calendar of Caji (4) Tijax, a day of the obsidian blade, communication, & protection. 

Followed by a potluck, please bring a prepared dish to share. 

Suggested loving donation: $20 and up to support our Medicine People and cover ceremonial materials. 

We strongly encourage bringing offerings for this unique fire that uses no wood (dried herbs & flowers, sugar, chocolate, honey, candles in the directional colors). We also are requesting to bring fresh flowers for the flowering staff. Please contact us for more details... 

For more information and directions, contact Kirana at 602.758.1213 or