We are honored to have sponsored the following gatherings (please see our photo gallery for images):

  • November 2007: Co-sponsored the Spirit of the Water CISEI Fifth Forum on the Spirituality of the Indigenous Peoples of America in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala

    CISEI (Consejo Interamericano Sobre Espiritualidad Indigena) and Earth Peoples United brought together over 150 indigenous Medicine People, scientists, academics, and others from Guatemala, Mexico, South America, the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Africa to gather for five days in ceremony and forums to discuss the importance of Water at this time.

  • November 2009: Dancing of Visions: Re-Establishing the Sacred Trade Routes through Dance, Music, and Art in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala
    Ceremonial Arts Exchange between the Haida of British Columbia and the Maya of Guatemala.

  • Summers, 2006 - 2012: Annual Wisdom Keeper and Youth Councils at the Deer Mountain Sanctuary
    The Councils created an opportunity for Wisdom Keepers, youth and people of all ages, backgrounds and traditions to come together to exchange essential teachings, ceremonial practices, prophesies and stories, and experience true communal living: not only with people, but also with elemental and spiritual energies.

  • December 2012: The Dawning of the Oxlajuj Bak’tun Ceremonial Gathering in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala

    Ceremonies and council to welcome in the energies of the New Era that began on December 21, 2012.

  • August 2013: Wisdom Keeper Rites of Passage Youth Camp
    Five-day camp of earth-based activities and teachings at Deer Mountain with 13 youth and 3 Wisdom Keepers. Over half of the youth that attended the Rites of Passage Camp also attended the Wisdom Keeper and Youth Council in 2012; their enthusiasm for the Council encouraged us to continue this work.

  • August 2018: Wisdom Keeper Alliance Council at Deer Mountain Sanctuary

  • December 2018: Wisdom Keeper Alliance Council at Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala