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Don Patricio Dominguez

Don Patricio Dominguez

Tribe: Piro Manso Tiwa, Education: Traditional and University of New Mexico 

Patricio was born in the summer of 1949 in a small traditional community and was cultured by the contact of not only his parents and Grandparents that lived in the community but he was fortunate enough to have a Great grandmothers influence until he was 13. His Great grandmothers specialty was herbs and his grandmother healed by the power of touch now called massage.

At the age of five Patricio was presented in a public ceremony to the medicine men to be blessed as a man of spiritual knowledge. In the summer of his life he married a nice Navajo Lady in the Native Tradition. They have two children and one Grandson. Patricio now lives in Albuquerque and is on the Board of Directors of two other non-profit corporations and on the advisory committee of the International Indigenous Coalition. He now dances with the tribe at four major feasts per year.




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