Our mission is to connect people to the natural and spiritual world, and to bridge the wisdom of the Ancient Ones with the world of today, so that the diversity of life can flourish for future generations.

We have two goals:

1. We preserve indigenous wisdom and traditional practices.

The indigenous peoples of the world have maintained their connection with nature and ancestral wisdom, and can offer timeless solutions for a healthier, more balanced world.
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2. We renew our custodial relationship with the Mother Earth and all of her beings.

An inseparable component of all indigenous ways of life is sustainability and maintained biodiversity.  Spending time in nature reconnects us to the source of life and can offer a powerful antidote to the despair and fear that exists in our world today.
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Preserving Indigenous Wisdom and Traditional Practices


We educate people about the Mayan Cosmo-vision and other Earth-based Spiritualities from around the World to create awareness of their contributions to the healing of ourselves and our communities. We do this through: Providing Trainings, Healings and Ceremonies led by Indigenous Spiritual Guides and Elders, Public/Private Talks, Presentations & Lectures, Web Teachings and Teleconference Teachings, Promoting Indigenous Literature, and Coordinating Pilgrimages to Sacred Sites honored by Indigenous Peoples.  We also educate the youth by bringing a very hands-on, culturally rich and fun approach to sharing about indigenous wisdom and traditional practices.

Wisdom Exchanges

We provide opportunities for indigenous wisdom keepers, spiritual leaders, youth, and All Peoples to come together and exchange their wisdom and sacred practices through ceremonies, councils and gatherings.


We continue to preserve the historic sharing at this time by documenting ceremonies, gatherings, and teachings through various means of media. The spiritual journey of our Founder has been documented over the past fifteen years and is being prepared to be shared with others for the first time.

Promotion of Indigenous Arts and Culture

We promote and sponsor performances and exhibits of indigenous arts and culture; create cross-cultural exchange opportunities for indigenous artisans to share their practices; coordinate events; and promote the sale of indigenous arts and crafts.

Renewing our Custodial Relationship with the Mother Earth and all of her Beings

Experience Living Directly From the Earth

Most of our retreats and workshops provide people with an experience of what it is like to live simply and directly from the earth and to do what is required for his or her survival, while incorporating an earth-based spiritual consciousness. These simple experiences create opportunities for people to be deeply touched and moved, and inspire them to become conscious stewards of the earth and the natural world.  We also offer camps for the youth that provide a wide variety of ways to develop a more intimate relationship with nature.


Modeling Sustainable Agriculture & Development

We will utilize traditional indigenous agricultural practices along with modern technologies in establishing natural food, herb and medicinal gardens, as well as practicing natural and traditional ways of processing what can be harvested from the land. We will also demonstrate taking responsibility for our food supply by establishing a seed bank of old-strain and original native seeds, and collecting seeds from crops grown on the land. We are committed to demonstrating environmentally conscious solutions to housing and energy in the construction of our land-based centers.


As we develop our land-based centers and create our facilities, we are planning to offer workshops in collaboration with others on various natural agricultural practices, green building, and alternative energy to increase awareness of these sustainable options.