TJU’s projects are focused on finding ways to support our goals of preserving indigenous wisdom and traditional practices, and renewing our custodial relationship with the Mother Earth and all her beings. Our primary project that will allow us to meet both of these goals is to build a spiritual model of land stewardship that will also provide an ideal setting to bring together indigenous elders, wisdom keepers, healers, and educators of sustainable technologies to share a wide variety of subjects. We also acknowledge the important contributions that come from youth participation and the influence of the arts in preserving indigenous wisdom.

Land Stewardship

Connection and respect for the earth and the abundance of life it supports has been the basis of indigenous cultures throughout time, as well as sustained the life of farmers and ranchers. However, there has never been a time in human history that we as a whole have been more disconnected from what keeps us alive.

Fortunately, like our ancestors have done time and time again, we have been able to secure land and can carefully manage its usage to ensure natural systems are maintained or enhanced for future generations. We also are committed to modeling spiritual land stewardship, including regular ceremonies to ensure healthy relationships with the plants, animals, and the elements that the people depend on.

In 1994, an ancient Salmon ceremony was brought back by a tribal elder of the Applegate River area in Oregon. The ceremony acknowledges the sacrifice of the salmon to feed the people, and humans’ duty to ensure the survival of salmon in return. The following year, officials counted more salmon in the river than there have ever been in recorded history!

Deer Mountain Center

This is the land base for TJU – EPU, located in Northern California. Kalpull Kiej Juju, “Deer Mountain”, Land-based center for TJU – EPU

-A sustainable model of spiritual land stewardship

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Patziapa Center

We work to support this sacred and fertile land in the heart of the Mayan world. Patziapa, on the shores of Lake Atitlan, lies on the fertile outskirts of the San Pedro volcano, across from the village of Santiago Atitlan.

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