These volunteer positions requires very strong interest in indigenous teachings and a heart-felt intention to serve the preservation of indigenous wisdom and the indigenous medicine people that care for this knowledge. Candidates must be passionate, detail-oriented, excellent writers and communicators, able to handle very delicate content and material.  Superb telephone skills and regular email communication is necessary.  Each volunteer must have a personal dedication to TJU-EPU’s mission and goals.


Our Community Organizers positions are available year round, and require a 5–12 hours a month commitment with additional hours, including on weekends and evenings, necessary close to the gatherings. Work can be done from home with a required monthly check-in via a conference call.


Community Organizers receive the deepest spiritual teachings through their dedication to serving others, and working directly with our Spiritual Leader, Spiritual Guides and/or Ceremonial Coordinators.

Current Positions

We currently have the following positions available

Commmunity Organizers

Effective volunteer Community Organizers are passionate about bringing people together, and called to serve people having intense spiritual experiences.  These volunteer positions are created when all of the right factors come together and there is enough momentum and interest in a given community.


To cultivate and foster relationships with people in your community and to connect to others through monthly gatherings and activities inspired by TJU members and participants. Assist in the identification and development of local leaders.  Maintain close relations with TJU Ceremonial Coordinator and touch base through telephone calls, emails and the required monthly teleconference. Inform TJU Spiritual Leader or Ceremonial Coordinator of specific group needs you can't assist with or of any problem areas. Work in partnership with the Assistant Community Organizer to share in the experience of creating community and finding places where others can serve. Be clear and consistent with groups and individuals about the mission, goals and objectives of TJU.  Help ensure people have reviewed ceremonial guidelines prior to gatherings.

Special Qualifications

Community Organizers need to attend our Community Organizer Training Program and a Community Fire Ceremony before they are eligible to volunteer.  Natural skills to assist in confronting difficult issues as they arise, are important.  Having a keen sense of people and places, and a desire to move through life with grace, love and gratitude is preferred.

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Assistant Community Organizers

Assistant Community Organizers play a key role in supporting the maintenance and development of good relations in every location TJU serves.  This volunteer role serves as the right-hand to the Community Organizer delivering on necessary outreach and registering people for teachings and ceremonies.


Inform and update groups about TJU news, gatherings and opportunities for involvement.  Recruit and organize new members. Work with Community Organizer and other volunteer leaders to create flyers and hand-outs and make sure interested people receive them.  Help build local networks and do what you can to encourage the integration of the work through inspiring others to self-organize circles, gatherings and events in your area.

Special Qualifications

Excellent networking and outreach skills.  Preference for volunteers with experience in creating and distributing promotional materials. Great track record for returning phone calls and emails, promptly.

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